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Rose Garden Festival, Boblingen, 1996

"...a forthcoming singing tour in Germany.......there could hardly be better ambassadors for the Kingdom of Fife."

East Fife Mail

Glenrothes in Fife is twinned with Boblingen, near Stuttgart in Germany. In the summer of 1996 Boblingen had a Rose Garden Festival and one week was assigned as a Scottish week. Twelve artistic groups travelled from Fife to take part in a series of short performances at the Garden Festival. On the final evening Ensemble gave a full concert in the Ecumenical Church where they were warmly received and the audience gave them a standing ovation. The group members stayed with host families where the the hospitality was magnificent. Visits to some of the places of local interest were fascinating and life-long friendships were formed.

July 2000

Before and after the concert at the High School

Returning, this time on their own, to stay again with host families Ensemble gave three concerts - the first in a school, the second to a packed open-air audience in the" Sommer und See" Festival beside the Lake, where the 1996 Rose Garden Festival had been held, and the third back in the Ecumenical Church.

Old friendships were renewed and new ones made. Once again the hospitality was magnificent and the concerts, despite a violent storm at one point during the open-air concert, a huge success.

July 2005

View from the stage at the open-air concert

A third trip to Boblingen at the invitation of our hosts followed a similar pattern to the Millennium trip. The Deadley Medley (see Programmes) was performed and rapturously received. The open-air concert was given on a stifling hot day and a wonderful time was once again had by all.


The audience assembles